Cabin Sweet Cabin!!!

Those who know us- know us. And know that we work hard and wish we played hard as well… or more so– relaxed hard. And we’ve been working REALLY HARD to get to the point of relaxing hard…
The last few months we made a huge decision to sell a property we had down in Pacific Beach area to get a vacation property up in Big Bear.

There were lots of miles. Lots of early mornings. And to the kids excitement- lots of meals on the go….(McDonald’s Happy Meals.) But …


Not to get into the boring details and numbers and blah, blah, blah… but we found the most amazing place.

As to be expected- we were busy (read: Mike was traveling) when we got the keys. This led to me, with two kids, to be in charge of utilities, and set up the first weekend it was “ours”. And it was GLORIOUS.

It was just what we wanted (minus Mike till Saturday night…).


Hot tub.


And family…

Love what we have and what we want.


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